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Poetry Propaganda -- How audacious! by Eleanor A Binnings
Intrepid Love Defined Among a few other of my love poems -- "La Gitana," "Carnival Man," and "What Is a Love?" -- is:

Guaranteed Love Spell to be Chanted During a Blue Trapper�s Moon

i am everywoman whose eyes have held yours, who has steamed your nettles has raised welts in your mind
made you laugh, weep ......drift
i strip away your barricades,
your hesitation to love

my breath stuns enchants you with the scent of ginger sassafras and then fills your bowl 
i am a mosaic of spices that awakens your taste
my touch sings to your skin like a harem of bells
i am the yeast leavening your dough to ecstasy

 i host your roots ....make you lucid

i lay my claim to you
you will never forget me

(c) 2006 Binnings  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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