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Poetry Propaganda -- How audacious! by Eleanor A Binnings
poem in progress Now I'm wondering if it was the aneurysm pressing in my brain, creating a Pressing-Feeling.  I know there was a day before the doublevision set in that I got up in the morning and started down the stairs, and the doubling existed for a few seconds. 

Prior to my awareness of the aneurysm, I had two bad falls on ice about one year apart from each other.  It is impossible to know if they influenced the aneurysm or not.  But they were memorable falls.  Here's a picture taken a month or so after the first fall -- still the bump & bruise.

And here is "Pressed."  (Next I hope to put up translations.)

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At this point.... Nine poems September 16 on this podcast.   Four of them in two sectors -- subject of love-- other, subject of politics.  And a single one:  "Drama." 

Sixty or so saved in my files.  Some of them I intend to change before anyone else hears them. 

Some others will soon be arriving here at   I haven't yet recorded my translation of Neruda's "Ode to Laziness,"  and I've only recorded two of the 15 of that beautiful Puerto Rican woman with heart, mind, and spirit--Clara Lair.  Yet I'm thinking I will next put some translations I've done of the poems of Clara Lair, Sor Juana, and Rilke.

Thanks for listening. 


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Intrepid Love Defined Among a few other of my love poems -- "La Gitana," "Carnival Man," and "What Is a Love?" -- is:

Guaranteed Love Spell to be Chanted During a Blue Trapper�s Moon

i am everywoman whose eyes have held yours, who has steamed your nettles has raised welts in your mind
made you laugh, weep ......drift
i strip away your barricades,
your hesitation to love

my breath stuns enchants you with the scent of ginger sassafras and then fills your bowl 
i am a mosaic of spices that awakens your taste
my touch sings to your skin like a harem of bells
i am the yeast leavening your dough to ecstasy

 i host your roots ....make you lucid

i lay my claim to you
you will never forget me

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Political Propaganda The poems contained here are:

 "Generations," "Trackin'," "Greed?" and "Sow a Habit." 

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