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Poetry Propaganda -- How audacious! by Eleanor A Binnings
Last day of 2006

This has been perhaps the most challenging year of my life.  It began with the knowledge that it was not to be long before my head was cut open and a bypass done in my brain.  --That is, if I was accepted as a patient by Dr. Spetzler.  You know how oftentimes we make New Year's resolutions that we tend to forget and not fulfill . . . well, this year has not held much of the unfulling part of the resolutions. 

The one thing I understood was that the best thing I could do was to be as healthy as possible to come through the surgery favorably.  It turned into three surgeries . . . and funny how for months afterward, I thought my head would smooth out & feel normal again.  Ha!  Now I know a bumpy head is a little reminder that will always be there, even when my hair has all grown out & covered it up.

My resolution for this year is to grow stronger and more self-sufficient.  I'll hang onto the 2006 resolutions of being as healthy as possible also . that is healthy physically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually.   I suppose that keeping that health-orientation will help me to fulfill my goals of strength and self-sufficiency. 

Perhaps the greatest lesson of 2006 has been that Nature rules! 

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Drought The blizzards have made me think of this poem, "Drought," since it appears that the drought has ended.

People must wonder how many people the water here can support.  Definitely xeroscaping is a good idea here.

Sprout, grow, bloom, go to seed . . .

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for a man  For a Man

You light a fire in an ash can           
under the willow and sliver moon
setting with Venus 
over the open sea. 

We talk of shifting continents,
how this wind may breathe over us
the mingled dust  of our ancestors' bones. 
Mars rises behind the moon.

The fire casts violent shadows 
over your face.    I am  a continent
of women to you---but to me . . .

you are one man . . .
who fires a thousand years
of rage into me-- 
enough rage to burn the sky--

I am no continent--but an ocean 
swallowing fire whole. 
Watch now how Mars trails the moon...

and the moon is falling into the sea

(c)2004 Binnings ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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