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Poetry Propaganda -- How audacious! by Eleanor A Binnings
Bad Lover This is one of the early ones when I first began experimenting with laying the music behind the poems.  Some shades of the music exist in another one, and I'll either change this one or that one.  Meanwhile, here is "Bad Lover," with the hope you never experience one.  But if it happens, well . . . write a poem . . .

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Downing Street Memo I wrote this poem shortly after the Downing Street memos were reported -- awhile back.  It is in my combination here titled Political Propaganda, but now I've decided to set it up here alone.  (My poems are mostly still packed away; that's why the poem's words aren't visible here.)

I've heard that political poetry fades when the issue is resolved.  But gosh, today it's hard to believe we live in a democracy when the dog on top kicks crap over all others except those who feed him treats. 

Brainwashing.  Last year at this time when I was awaiting my brain surgery and Sharon was como-ed out with his stroke, I was watching a lot of TV since I was supposed to do anything strenuous (that is just about nothing so my there'd be no interior-head explosion.  It was clear that a lot of people were coming out of the Cave, i.e. Plato's Cave. 

When it had become clear that the U.S. was going to Iraq, I began researching to find out why since all the puzzle pieces weren't fitting logically together.  I expected to find a good, solid answer.  Nope, I found seriously nasty answers.  Depressing, aggravating, frustrating, ugly.  The Downing Street memos were just one more nail in the sociopathic coffin.

How were all these people who encourage or make terrible decisions raised?  Raised to be sociopathic . . . psychopathic?

Anyway, I wrote this political poem in a little state of irritability given the news of the Downing Street memos.  Soooo, it is . . . my irritable poem??

I wish I knew who the person I'm quoting in the poem is.  I found it as an anonymous quote.  I'd love to give that wise person credit!!

P.S.  There's a Downing Street memo webpage here:  -- and another here:  

Here are the words . . . .

sow a thought; reap an act...sow an act; reap a habit...sow a habit; reap a character; sow a character; reap a destinty, someone wise person once said....being sensible is not the same as being overcautious...being reckless is not the same as being courageous...being stubborn is not the same as having conscious resolve....blind faith is not the same as confidence...; getting the answer you want is not the same as the Truth.......when a leader fixesintelligence and facts around a policy...?
 Lead time 90 days . . .Use forces already in theatre ...lies, lies, lies . . .sow a thought, reap and act, shed blood....
sow an act; reap a habit . . .

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1st for 2007 - BIRDS This is "Birds." 

Since my aneurysm., most of my stuff is packed away, and I'm not sure where the poem is.  I'll pop it up here as soon as it turns up for me. 

It's a little different . . . maybe . . .

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