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Poetry Propaganda -- How audacious! by Eleanor A Binnings
Woman of Sanity The Woman of Sanity

She's the one you love when you want sanity
when that crowd you run with eats your soul
when the routine life is all uncertainty -- then you love
the woman who exacts no toll.

You love her because she doesn't ask you to give
she's like a bright stroke of lightning, like the waiting earth
and she holds a piece of your heart...a shard of ice, a flake of stone...
That sturdy bit of sanity in a churning world
the live and let live woman, blood, flesh and bone....

(c)2005 Binnings ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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The Meaning of Touch          The Meaning of Touch

I want to know the meaning of touch  
if i touch you, you don't say so....
why do you hold back so much

of what you feel where there is such
possbility for where we might go?
Why do you hold back so much

when our hands and thoughts match
as do our songs and their echo
I want to know the meaning of touch,

want to slide off your shirt and caution
and look at you beside the window
why do you hold back so much?

Tonight I am tired of the watch,
wary and distant, lying low--
want to know the meaning of touch...

Let me caress your wounds -- wound me if
    you must
burn me to ashes; melt me like glass--
oh I want to know the meaning of touch

Why must you hold back so much?

(c) 2007

The original of this has been on my website here for a few years:

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That webpage is the predecessor to this one.  The music there is completely different from here.  But yes.  Predecessor.

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