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Poetry Propaganda -- How audacious! by Eleanor A Binnings
Empty Years

Jimmy Cacciatore and Jason Hollar produced Flowers for You  (c) 1999 Cacch a Smile Enterprises

Unique--Jimmy grew up with English and Sign Language together (spoken in the home!) -- born in Fort Carson and grew up in Fort Collins.  Great childhood, lotsa friends, lotsa sports--diving, football, soccer, baseball . . . and then one day Jimmy was on his way to diving practice, but did not make it.  The true headbanger: life changed with a head injury.  He had to relearn speech, etc., and is quicker at Sign Language than speaking the complexities of English.  But he can do music!!!

The accident wiped out education, but he kept his all-time, all-good personality.  Who wouldn't love his music????

The first song put up here is "Empty Years."  Drummer is Rick Trinidad, and Jason is on electric bass.  Jimmy plays acoustic 12-string guitar.  Enjoy, enjoy!!!

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i rarely think of him any more
that man who made me laugh and dream
i hardly recall the way he held me
nor how the fire dissolved to steam

i always was who i am without pretense
i never quite understood why he jumped the fence
"you're too beautiful for me" is what he said
strange words that spun around in my head

i rarely think of him any more
might not recognize him
on the street
though he shows up invisible
in my cold feet

i don't miss him now
even when he comes to mind
though the scar he left across my heart
is easy enough to find

the teaspoonful of ashes
that reminds me of when the burning began
i could blow into the wind now
with the breath across my hand
"you're too beautiful for me"
is what he said
strange words to leave spinning
in my head

Beauty in the scars, beauty in the dreams
beauty in the way fire dissolves to steam
beauty in the ashes taking flight on the wind
beauty in the tears washing me clean again

(c) 2005 Binnings ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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I don't care to dwell in the past
that murky place of half-baked memories

my story begins here
on this Saturday afternoon in a strange city

Oh sure, there was this and that...
the epic
cast in others' stories
fallen idol

when cast in another's drama
and understand the role I am supposed to play
I potest "I am not like that!"
But he tries to convince me I am
He needs someone to play that role
and I care
and I am free

watching the rain beat against the window
my drama begins as a silent monologue

it is a Saturday afternoon in a strange city . . .

(c)2005 Binnings ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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