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Poetry Propaganda -- How audacious! by Eleanor A Binnings
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Last day of 2006

This has been perhaps the most challenging year of my life.  It began with the knowledge that it was not to be long before my head was cut open and a bypass done in my brain.  --That is, if I was accepted as a patient by Dr. Spetzler.  You know how oftentimes we make New Year's resolutions that we tend to forget and not fulfill . . . well, this year has not held much of the unfulling part of the resolutions. 

The one thing I understood was that the best thing I could do was to be as healthy as possible to come through the surgery favorably.  It turned into three surgeries . . . and funny how for months afterward, I thought my head would smooth out & feel normal again.  Ha!  Now I know a bumpy head is a little reminder that will always be there, even when my hair has all grown out & covered it up.

My resolution for this year is to grow stronger and more self-sufficient.  I'll hang onto the 2006 resolutions of being as healthy as possible also . that is healthy physically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually.   I suppose that keeping that health-orientation will help me to fulfill my goals of strength and self-sufficiency. 

Perhaps the greatest lesson of 2006 has been that Nature rules! 

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At this point.... Nine poems September 16 on this podcast.   Four of them in two sectors -- subject of love-- other, subject of politics.  And a single one:  "Drama." 

Sixty or so saved in my files.  Some of them I intend to change before anyone else hears them. 

Some others will soon be arriving here at   I haven't yet recorded my translation of Neruda's "Ode to Laziness,"  and I've only recorded two of the 15 of that beautiful Puerto Rican woman with heart, mind, and spirit--Clara Lair.  Yet I'm thinking I will next put some translations I've done of the poems of Clara Lair, Sor Juana, and Rilke.

Thanks for listening. 


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I began recording the poetry a couple years ago (8/06), but then got stopped in my tracks by a brain aneurysm...but the old brain is still jammin'.

But . . . I'm not thrilled with the sound of the combo file (ask me what program I used). So I've put up the first single, "Aspen."  I may end up taking the combo down.

Here is the link to my web page.  If it doesn't send you there on a click, just copy and paste into the browser.

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