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Poetry Propaganda -- How audacious! by Eleanor A Binnings

Sarah & me

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Sunny has to work hard!  Sunny

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Quick flick . . . balance . . .

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Here is another episode of my storyboarding project for Gnarlyhead.


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Sunny meets the lawyer.


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Sunny and Anita meet a psychic at a street fair.


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Storyboard:  scene where Sunny and Jack meet at a coffeeshop for the first time having met online.   Drafting . . .




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My street


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Moonbeams & Thin Air

Rick Davis is playing harmonica on this.  I'd love to have a solo.

Moonbeams & Thin Air The way you love me is unfair Your good intentions all turn to lies all moonbeams and thin air I no longer know what I may share without clean water, the orchid dies the way you love me is unfair between us at first was something rare but history tells me it's no surprise it's all moonbeams and thin air. for you i laid my raw skin bare too often i've exposed myself unwise the way you love me is unfair some things in life are meant to wear long....but .... still time grows wings and flies it's all moonbeams and thin air i recall the touch of your hands in my hair but now i'm unreflected in your eyes the way you love me is unfair it's all moonbeams and thin air i love you more than you care....... (c)2008 Binnings ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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Travis Lemle is the artist.

Once long ago we created the Solotramp website together, Travis' art, my poetry.  The title of this art is "Alone." 

Then we didn't go into the site for a period of time, and it vanished.

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