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Poetry Propaganda -- How audacious! by Eleanor A Binnings
Guaranteed Love Spell

If you've gotta have one, well here it is: . . . the Guaranteed Love Spell . . .

This is the guaranteed love spell to be chanted under a blue trapper's moon

I am every woman whose eyes have held yours

who has steamed your nettles raised welts in your mind

made you weep, laugh, drift

I strip away your barricades your hesitation to love

and my breath stuns enchants you with the scent of ginger, sassafrass

I fill your bowl I am a mosaic of spices to awaken your taste

my touch sings to your skin like a harem of bells

I am the yeast leavening your dough to ecstasy

I host your roots, make you lucid I lay my claim to you Y

ou will never forget me

(c)2006 Binnings ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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