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Poetry Propaganda -- How audacious! by Eleanor A Binnings
Empty Years

Jimmy Cacciatore and Jason Hollar produced Flowers for You  (c) 1999 Cacch a Smile Enterprises

Unique--Jimmy grew up with English and Sign Language together (spoken in the home!) -- born in Fort Carson and grew up in Fort Collins.  Great childhood, lotsa friends, lotsa sports--diving, football, soccer, baseball . . . and then one day Jimmy was on his way to diving practice, but did not make it.  The true headbanger: life changed with a head injury.  He had to relearn speech, etc., and is quicker at Sign Language than speaking the complexities of English.  But he can do music!!!

The accident wiped out education, but he kept his all-time, all-good personality.  Who wouldn't love his music????

The first song put up here is "Empty Years."  Drummer is Rick Trinidad, and Jason is on electric bass.  Jimmy plays acoustic 12-string guitar.  Enjoy, enjoy!!!

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